Dresses For Women in 2017: Latest Designs

Every year, the fashion industry would come up a set of collection that would become the new look of the entire year. We never get tired of looking forward to these styles and are always excited to watch out for the new set of collection.

Particularly for women, we love to check out the latest designs that we can add to our wardrobe. Sometimes, our style depends on the collection. So, what are the different dresses for women that passed fashion designers this year?

Here are some of the latest designs and tips on how to wear it best.

The Comeback of the Eighties

Yes, the 80’s are back. The glamorous style that has made the year famous has come back and is now taking the runway. The style of the eighties may not be perfect for a casual daylight attire, but is sure is ideal for every night out with the girls.

The key is to mix and match colors. Think of shoulder pads, one- shoulder dress, spandex leggings, and colorful dresses. One thing is for sure, these dresses for women are not for the shy types.

The Ruffles

Another style that is not for shy types too, the ruffles. When thinking about frills and ruffles, you might think about bringing back childhood memories. But, thankfully, fashion did a great makeover on the flounce and frills, making it more appropriate for the adults this time.

Some pieces of black leather ruffles, large frills, and structured flounce did a great job of changing the era of the ruffles. The key to wearing it is to make it the center of your style.

The Floral

Floral is another top choice for this year’s clothing collection. Floral dresses are perfect for brightening up your wardrobe. It could be good to own just a little bit of this collection to work your way the entire year.

When wearing floral outfits, there are tips and tricks to keep in mind. For example, floral designs will depend on your style and perhaps, your attitude too. If you don’t want to appear girly in your floral dress, you can always add some edge to your look. For example, you can pair it up with a vest to look tougher.

The Super Bright Colours

 Yes, the styles for this year include the touch of different colors. Think bright colors of green, blue, yellow and pink. It is highly recommended for women who can flaunt it with ease, but it is never too late for shy types to add one to their wardrobe too.

Though it might not be easy wearing such pieces, it is sure is worth to try. One thing you might want to know is that you don’t want to look exaggerated and an attention-seeking woman. When playing with colorful dresses, one useful tip is to pair it up with something neutral or darker. From there, you can pull your way out from different colors.

These designs are what transpired on the runway this year. If you haven’t had any of the styles in your wardrobe just yet, well, this might be a good time. You can also mix and match styles that you think would be perfect for you. Just keep in your mind that these are just guides on what is good to wear this year. In the end, it will always be up to you on what style you prefer to work on and on what you are most comfortable.

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