A Quick Guide to Buying Jewelry for Men

buying jewelry for men

If you think women are the only ones that appreciate receiving jewelry as gifts, think again! Male celebrities like Johnny Depp and David Beckham has now made wearing jewelry acceptable and fashionable for men. And just like with women, jewelry pieces for men are an extension of their personality, lifestyle, and even cultural background. Not […]

3 Absolutely Non-Negotiables When Buying Jewelry Online

online shopping

Buying jewelry online can be a nerve-wracking experience.  After all, the only thing you have to go with is the description and guarantee the online store gives. Many that tried buying jewelry online find themselves disappointed—even cheated—when the item that they receive is nothing like the picture on the store’s website. That said, here are […]

What’s the Difference a Handmade Leather Bag from a Machine-Made One?

There’s nothing like a beautiful handmade leather bag to add to your collection. After all, leather bags are perhaps one of the best types of bags to invest your money in. But let’s face it: handcrafted leather bags don’t come cheap. In fact, you can easily buy several machine-made leather bags for the price that […]