A Quick Guide to Buying Jewelry for Men

, A Quick Guide to Buying Jewelry for Men, Wish Fresh

If you think women are the only ones that appreciate receiving jewelry as gifts, think again!

Male celebrities like Johnny Depp and David Beckham has now made wearing jewelry acceptable and fashionable for men. And just like with women, jewelry pieces for men are an extension of their personality, lifestyle, and even cultural background.

Not surprising, many women are now buying jewelry for their husbands, sons, and brothers. However, it can be challenging for women buy jewelry for men because they have different tastes than women.

That said, here are tips for buying jewelry for men.

1. Research store policies.

If you’re planning to buy jewelry for men online, you will have to pay before you see and try the item, it’s important to review the online store’s return and exchange policies carefully.

Legitimate online jewelry stores will allow you to return and exchange the jewelry piece that you bought if it’s not the right size or doesn’t look flattering on your man. Among the things you’ll need to check are:

  • Accepted reasons. Some online stores will only process exchanges and refunds for specific reasons. Be sure to review this. Otherwise, you can end up wasting money on jewelry that your man won’t be able to wear.
  • Timeframe. Does the online store give you enough time to receive the item, get your man to try it out, and send it back in case it’s not the right fit?
  • Shipping costs. Not all online stores will shoulder the shipping fee when you return an item. Again, make sure that you review this carefully.

2. Keep it simple.

Unless you are 101% sure that your man will appreciate large, flashy jewelry pieces, go for jewelry pieces that are simple and subtle. A simple chain bracelet or necklace are great options when buying jewelry for men.

3. Mix function and aesthetic.

This is one of the significant differences between buying jewelry men and women.

Women don’t mind wearing jewelry for the sake of accessorizing their outfits. On the other hand, men are more keen to wear jewelry pieces that don’t just make them look good, but also serve a purpose. That’s why gold cufflinks and silver watches are among those women often buy as gifts.

4. Opt for silver jewelry pieces.

While most women are more drawn to gold jewelry, men tend to lean more towards silver jewelry pieces.

One reason is that silver is more subtle than gold, so it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention. Another is that silver jewelry pieces are versatile. They work well if your man wears a casual shirt and shorts or power dressing to attend an all-important business meeting.

5. Go for engravings when buying jewelry for men.

Believe it or not, men are very sentimental about the jewelry pieces they wear. That’s why when buying jewelry online for your man, have it engraved. This will ramp up its sentimental factor, making it even more valuable on his part.


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