Types of Party Dresses For Women to Rock Around the Clock

There are beautiful types of party dresses for women – you can create the WOW factor at a party simply by the dress you have chosen. And when partying around the clock, you can decide which dress will do the talking!

  • Mini dress with long sleeves; youthful, sweet, demure, like Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning
  • Long dress: Nonchalantly cool, like Rose Byrne
  • Skater dress: Classic and ladylike, like Sienna Miller.
  • One-shouldered: fashion conscious, delicate type girls, think of girls like Jessica Hart or Miranda Kerr.
  • Little black number: Easy and understated, like Jennifer Aniston or Carey Mulligan
  • Strapless: For classical glamour, like Kerry Washington or Rachel Bilson
  • Metallic: Oscar winner type girls, like Anne Hathaway or Jessica Parker

Each of the above type dresses comes with its own allure. But it is also important to remember that there are also different types of female body shape types. Each of the shapes, however, will also come with typical ‘problem-like” areas, such as “big thighs”, “flabby knees”, etc. The different shapes are:

  • Apple shaped
  • Banana shaped
  • Pear shaped
  • Hour-glass shaped

Once you understand the basic shapes of your body, you will be able to find clothing that fits your body and which flatter your figure, dresses to make you look like Cinderella stepping out at her ball.

Let’s choose that dress for your body type:

Because of the often larger abdomen and chest area, apple shapes need to look for party dresses that are looser around the stomach, therefore drawing attention away from that area of the body. In general, the empire waist-dress is excellent because this type of dress has a fitted upper body that ends under the bust with a gathered skirt, loosely fitted over the body. Eyes are drawn away from the midsection.

Banana shapes are pretty slender all round and are great for the tight fitting party dress which emphasizes that svelte figure. Stay away from a banana-boyish look rather, emphasizing the banana-feminine curves look. A dress that accentuates the slim waist but shows off the bust and hips will tantalize. Big belts often help in this type of body shape because they accentuate the curves, giving a more curvaceous look.

Pear shapes will look excellent in halter-neck style dresses. Long and flowing dresses that accentuate the small upper body drawing attention away from the bigger part of the body and focusing everybody’s eyes on the alluring parts of the upper body.

The hourglass shape makes one think of the beautiful, sexy Marilyn Monroe, a full-figured beauty with a proportioned bust, hips, and small waistline. A party dress showing a bit of skin, like an exciting slit up the side of the dress in a bold striking color allows the hour glass figure to look, well “hot”.

Types of party dresses for women are suitable for every shaped woman. Find your shape, get the dress to match the shape, and then shake it all up! In the right party dress, you will be laughing all away to the dance floor!

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