Choosing the Right Fitted Dresses Design

Finding the perfect dress can be a problem, if not all, but most women. It is a day-to-day challenge for every woman when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Sure, there are plenty of dress designs you can choose from, but not all accentuate your figure.

You may ask, what are the things might need to consider when choosing the perfect fit? Here, we have gathered tips and its importance on finding the right dress designs for everyone.

Body Types

Body types are categorized through the different curves and built of our body. Each of us blessed with various body figures or types. You may have heard about pear-shaped body figure, hourglass-shaped body figure, straight body figure and an apple-shaped body figure. Then you may have experienced the same dilemma of finding the right dress. Yes, one good reminder on the search for the right fitted dresses is to know your body types.

The different Body Types

 There are lots of different body types, but we will narrow it down to the four most common. The pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass and straight body figure.

You are considered a pear-shaped when you have bigger hips than your bust. On the other hand, an apple-shaped figure is the opposite, as you appear to have larger shoulder and bust compared to your hips. Moreover, an hourglass figure is viewed as the perfect type because the bust and hips are of almost equal in size. It goes with women who have a straight body figure, although it doesn’t have enough curves.

Dressing according to your Body Types

Knowing your body types, you need to consider what are the different dress styles that look good on your body.

A Pear-shaped figure might need to wear a dress that has an A-line skirt. It will give the right attention to your hips. Remember that your hips are bigger than your upper size; we don’t want to exaggerate it.  Also, your dress should not be an inch high or two above the knee. If your body figure is an apple-shaped, then you might need to wear a dress style that doesn’t give much attention to your hips. A drop waist dress might be a good idea and add emphasis to your shoulders or bust. You can also go for a shorter dress to show-off your legs.

On the other hand, if you have an hourglass figure, then you must look for a dress that accentuates both your upper and lower body. Your goal is to show-off your curves, so better dress to show and not to go against it. If you have a straight body figure, you can wear dresses that show your slender arms and legs or top it with a belt to define your waist area. Your goal is to create your curves, so indicating a better visual might be a good idea.

Importance of wearing fitted dresses

When you wear a dress that is perfectly fit for you, it gives you that feeling of being confident in one’s self. That sense of confidence that will make you feel on top of everything you do. You will feel that you can do much more than you think you can handle. Also, it will bring you the comfort needed when going around and meeting people. You will never feel comfortable being around with others if you are not comfortable with yourself in the first place.

By knowing your body types and the right fitted dresses, you will no longer have to deal problems like what to wear and what looks good on you. You spend less time going over different clothes as you have already an idea on what type that works best. So, the next time you visit the mall or go online shopping, you have now an idea on what to choose.

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