How to Care for Your Necklace

, How to Care for Your Necklace, Wish Fresh

, How to Care for Your Necklace, Wish FreshA fashion necklace is a precious jewelry piece. The fact that it’s got your name makes it so personal and unique. Whether it’s made out of sterling silver or gold, you’ll want to make sure that it looks shiny and new all the time. Let us teach you how to care for your necklace.

Like with any piece of jewelry, name necklaces can get discolored and tarnish. Here are some steps on how to care for your name necklace so that it stays looking shiny and beautiful.

Take off your name necklace when taking a shower

Before you take a shower, make sure that you remove your name necklace. Shampoos and soaps contain chemicals that can cause your name necklace to tarnish quickly. Also, the suds can cause a film to form over it, making it look dull and lose its beautiful shine.

Wear your name necklace after glamming up

Just like your bathing products, your cosmetics, lotions and hair products contain chemicals that can cause your name necklace to tarnish more quickly. Keeping your neck area bare will also make it easier for you to make sure that your makeup is even. It also eliminates the chances of you accidentally tugging on your necklace’s chain that it breaks.

Don’t wear your name necklace when swimming

We know how much you love your name necklace and want always to wear it. However, if you’re going swimming, it’s a good idea to leave it at home. Although necklaces are less likely to get lost than other pieces of jewelry, the chlorine in pools and Jacuzzis can react with the metal on your name necklace. The chemical reaction will cause it to become discolored and tarnish more quickly. The same thing goes if you’re going to the beach because sea water contains salt, which, in turn, has chlorine.

Clean your name necklace regularly

Your name necklace is exposed to dust, dirt, and oil on a daily basis, so it’s a good idea to clean it at least once a week.

When cleaning your name necklace, it’s important to take into consideration whether it’s a gold name necklace or it’s made out of sterling silver. That’s because the cleaning methods are very different.

To clean a gold name necklace, start by using a soft cleaning cloth to get rid of any fingerprints and oils that have accumulated around it. Then, soak it in a cup of warm water with a few squirts of mild liquid soap for a few minutes. Rinse this afterward in water and dry this out using a soft cleaning cloth.

Cleaning a sterling silver name necklace needs a bit more extra care because it oxidizes and tarnishes when it gets soaked in water. For this, you’ll need a good quality silver cream or silver cleaning polish. You can buy them at your local jewelry store, drug stores or supermarket. Apply and rub this on your silver name necklace using a soft cleaning cloth until it’s clean and shiny.

Alternatively, you can also clean your silver name necklace by using baking soda, salt, apple cider vinegar, and aluminum foil. To do this, line a small cup with aluminum foil. Add a bit of baking soda and salt. Pour in some vinegar and a little bit of water to dilute it. Once it starts foaming, soak your necklace for a few minutes. Quickly rinse this with water and dry with a soft cleaning cloth.

Don’t use toothpaste and brushes when cleaning your name necklace. Yes, it will clean it, but they can also scratch your name necklace, causing it to lose its luster.

Store your name necklace properly

Finally, make sure that you store your name necklace in the box that comes with it. That way, the chain doesn’t get tangled with your other jewelry pieces. It’s also a good idea to invest in some anti-tarnish strips that you can get from your local jewelry store. These can help keep oxidants out when you store them.

Any jewelry piece is exceptional, especially if it has got your name on it. By following these simple steps how to care for your name necklace, you can be sure that it will last a lifetime.

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